First Time Vehicle Owner? 4 Things to Look Out For When Buying a Second Hand Vehicle

So, you’ve got some cash saved up and you now want to take that leap and buy a car. But, you can’t afford a brand new vehicle, so you are buying from your local second-hand car dealer. That’s great! But, still daunting if you’ve never done it before. We’ve compiled a very easy to follow the list of things to look out for when viewing second-hand cars.

1. The Overall Condition

Specific things to inspect is obviously the engine and inner workings. Check for any obvious problems and leaks. Be sure to ask the dealer if there are any mechanical issues that you should be aware of. Other things to glance over is the overall look – does it have a lot of rust damage to the body? Is the interior neat and still 100% intact? Remember, you want to buy a running, working car that is not going to cost you an arm and a leg to maintain constant breakdowns or panel beating.

2. What does the Fuel Consumption Look like

Very important consideration – do you want to drive 5 miles and end up spending your home’s mortgage on gas? Sure you don’t! If you don’t have much budget for fuel, you’re probably not going to buy a Jeep or a Land Rover. But a second-hand vehicle can also use a lot of gas because of faulty filters and mechanical work.

3. Will You Have to Apply for Vehicle Financing

Most reliable second-hand dealers will offer to finance via an affiliate. Be sure to inquire about the financing available, and how much interest you will be paying. Applying for financing could be a bit of a process, but it is very important to wrap your head around all your options before getting knee deep into debt.

Buying your very first car is an exciting event! Follow these easy tips and you should be able to make an informed decision when you are standing on the dealership’s floor.