5 Quick and Easy Money Saving Tips for The Whole Household

Whether you want to put some cash away for a rainy day, or just want to save up a bit, we’ve got 5 of our writers’ top saving tips all lined up here! Not only will you have some peace of mind, but a bit of breathing space when it comes to your financial well being. These tips are so easy to follow, you’d be surprised!

#1 Clear Out Old Stuff and Have a Garage Sale

You know that pair of skates that are lying at the back of the cupboard and hasn’t been used since 1983? Or what about that suitcase full of clothes and linen, never to be worn or used again. Get all your old stuff, and sell it! Someone else might just be able to benefit from it and you get to make a couple of extra bucks.

#2 Hit Those Second-Hand Stores

That’s right. A lot of time you can find very nice bargains and rarely used stuff at second hand and thrift stores. Even with bigger purchases such as appliances or vehicles. Why throw yourself into unnecessary debt when you can buy something for half the price?

#3 Save on Gas Spend And Cycle to Work

Not only is this great for your health, it is fabulous for your wallet! You’ll get fit while your wallet gets fat. Seriously though. Cycling to work, when possible, should always be a consideration when you are looking to save.

#4 Bulk Savings on Bulk Purchases

Retailers all have some sort of sale at some point. Now, we’re not saying you should hoard a bunch of ketchup. But always be on the lookout for these sales and massive savings as you will be more than likely able to save double your ordinary spend.

#5 Avoid the C-Word

Credit. Nasty thing ain’t it? This should become very much like a swear word in your household. Avoid at all cost to do shopping and make payments with a credit card. Not only will you be paying a certain percentage of interest, but you’ll also be tempted to overspend.

Did you find any of our tips helpful? Even if you only try one of these a week we guarantee that you will be laughing after a couple of months. Laughing to the bank that is!